Kenya: Mandera Floods Information Bulletin No. 1

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In Brief

This Information Bulletin No. 1 October/2008 reflects the information available at this time.

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The Situation (13th to 16th October)

A seasonal river that cuts through Mandera town in North Eastern Province burst its banks on 13th October 2008, for the first time since 2000. This followed a heavy downpour that lasted over a week, which also caused River Dawa to burst its banks. Floods in the entire town and residential areas have left at least 920 households displaced in Mandera town.

Updated situation: (17th October 2008)

- Tension is high in Mandera town.

- Violent clashes have occurred between the Gari and Murule clans which resulted in 2 confirmed deaths and scores wounded (between 20-30).

- Fighting is over a decision by some flood victims, mainly from Murule clan, to settle on an open piece of land. Those claiming ownership of the land are from Gari Clan.

- Road blocks have been erected on either side of Mandera town by members of the two communities.

- The district security personnel have moved in to quell the violence. Gun shots have been heard in the town for the better part of the day.

- Fighting has also been reported at Gari Hills (130km) from Mandera where four (4) people are reported dead. Four security officers wounded in the clashes have been taken to Mandera District Hospital.

- The situation has been tense since yesterday when two people were killed. Kenya Red Cross team is unable to move and distribute humanitarian aid to victims of floods in Mandera town.

Red Cross Action (Report as of 14th to 16th October 2008)

Kenya Red Cross conducted an initial assessment jointly the Government through the District Disaster Management Committee and RACIDA.

Findings to date:

- 920 households affected all members intergreted with relatives

- seven (7) wells were submerged,

- 350 latrines washed away,

- Three (3) schools closed and unknown number of goats missing.

- The Kenya Forest Service lost over 1500 seedlings due to the floods.

- Eruptions of clashes over scanty water. 6 reported dead so far with 2 confirmed

- Information received through UNICEF from the Ministry of education in Mandera is that no school were closed but the following were surrounded by water :Barwaqo Primary Kamor Primary, Bula Mpya Primary, Boys Town Primary, Dauwa Intergrated , Mandera DEB Primary, Duse Primary