Kenya: Mandera Cholera & Chikungunya Outbreak - Situation report 005

Situation Report
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• Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) run Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) closes.

• Hotels remain closed throughout the week following a directive from the Public health office.

Current situation

Cholera Outbreak

In the reporting week, there has been a significant drop in the number of admissions, with an average of one admission per day. This in turn has led to the closure of the KRCS-run CTC, with the Mandera County Government taking over operations with help from KRCS, after Medicine Sans Frontier closed its operation. This is in line with the KRCS exit strategy, aimed at ensuring sustainability, as the emergency phase is long gone. The drop in numbers of admission cases is evident in the epicurve below.

Case Management

As at 10 July 2016, the Mandera County run CTC line list was at 1,786, with Mandera town recording 1,763 and Khalalio recording a total of 23 cases since the outbreak. The current number of admissions stand at zero with no cases received within the last 48 hours. The average number of patients received this week stood at one per day with most spending an average of 24-36 hours, save for those with comorbidities.

Upon discharge, patients receive a package comprising two jerry cans, two bars of soap, aqua tabs and Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). They equally receive a health talk on safe waterdrinking and storage, hand-washing, proper waste disposal and environmental sanitation.