Kenya landslides: CRS emergency response

Catholic Relief Services in partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega is distributing housing materials and essential household items to 50 families affected by the recent landslides in Kakamega North District of western Kenya.

"On August 11, heavy rains falling on the slopes of the Nandi Hills caused landslides that claimed at least five lives, injured 65 people and displaced an estimated 100 families," said Kinyanjui Kaniaru, CRS Kenya's deputy head of programming. "The mudslides buried houses and livestock, leaving affected families in urgent need of food, shelter, clothing and medicine."

The Kenya Red Cross Society and Kenya Army are leading the emergency response, evacuating families and searching for as many as 13 additional victims in the unstable mud flows. CRS Kenya coordinated with government officials, Caritas Kenya and the Emergency Offices of the Kenya Episcopal Conference to determine additional aid required. As a result of this assessment, CRS Kenya and the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega are currently procuring and distributing essential items to 50 families affected by the landslides. These families will receive iron sheeting to rebuild their houses, blankets, insecticide-treated mosquito nets, and sets of cooking utensils.

CRS has pledged $10,000 toward the relief efforts and will continue to monitor and address the needs of affected people.