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Kenya - Kakuma Refugee Camp: Weekly New Registration Population Composition 27th Sep - 03rd Oct 2015

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  • As of 4th October 2015, the overall registered population in Kakuma Refugee Camp stood at 182,254.


A total of 8,662 new arrivals have been registered since the start of 2015; with 651 arriving from Burundi,1 from Central African Republic, 687 from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 146 from Ethiopia, 20 from Rwanda, 275 from Somalia, 5852 from South Sudan, 918 from Sudan, 108 from Uganda and 4 from Yemen.

The total new born babies so far registered in 2015 is 3,010 including 66 registered during the reporting period.

244 individuals were registered during the fourtieth week of 2015 [ 27th Sep - 3th Oct 2015]; 7 from Burundi, 28 from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 4 from Ethopia, 1 from Rwanda, 6 from Somalia, 174 from South Sudan, 16 from Sudan and 2 from Yemen.

The average family size registered during the reporting period stood at 3.1 individuals. Family size 1 households represented 57.58% of all newly registered households.

NB: This report reflects registration trends. In addition to new arrivals reported here, the overall population in Kakuma also increases through new births, in-situ registration (of persons who arrived in a previous period but reported for registration later), family reunification, and various other data adjustments. Analysis and projections are based on actual persons registered in the UNHCR registration database (proGres)