Kenya Humanitarian Update Aug 2007


Inside this issue:

- Floods & land-slides in West-ern Kenya

- Budalangi Map

- Humanitarian Action in Au-gust

- USD 3 million CERF grant for refugee pro-gramme

- Diseases & epidemics

- Food & liveli-hood security

- Mt. Elgon Up-date

- Towards en-hanced protec-tion & care for IDPs

- UN Joint Team on Humanitar-ian Response & Disaster Management

- Best Practice Feature on Disaster Risk Management

Elaboration of a National Disaster Preparedness Plan

Earth tremors whose im-pact has been felt in Nai-robi has triggered a reflec-tion on national prepared-ness and capacity in the event of a major disas-ter.

A team of Geologists from the University of Nairobi travelled to Ol Donyo Lengai near Lake Natron, believed to be the epicenter of the tremors for a fact finding mission. The experts surmised that the tremors could be caused by either a gradual re-lease of pressure in the volcano, other seismic activity or movement of the earth's crust.

National capacities to re-spond to a major earth quake are currently inaed-quate. In this regard, gov-ernment authorities through the Ministry of Special Programmes have embarked on a national preparedness exercise which involves both Gov-ernment and non govern-ment entities in strength-ening structures and mechanisms for disaster management in the coun-try.

A smaller committee was constituted to develop an action plan. The members of this committee include the Department of Geol-ogy, Kenya Armed Forces, National Disaster Operation Centre (NOC), World Vision, Kenya Red Cross, UNICEF, UN OCHA and St James Am-bulance Service as well as other line Ministries Several meetings have been conducted since early August and the team is now in the final stages of preparing for a National Contingency Plan Retreat which will involve partners from all sectors and line ministries. The retreat is

expected to contextualize existing disasters in Kenya, build scenarios and elaborate emergency response mechanisms for sudden-onset and slow onset disasters as well as conflicts.

In addition, the National Disaster Operation Cen-ter and members of the Commit-tee have organ-ized several missions to regions recently affected by emergencies in order to understand underlying causes and recommend appropriate interventions.

Other assessment mis-sions have been under-taken to Flood prone area of Budalang'i and land-slide affected areas of Kakamega, Busia and Kerio Valley. The National Disaster Operation Center has been in the forefront in responding to all these crises.


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