Kenya: Humanitarian Funding Update, 15 July 2010


The Financial Tracking System (FTS) on 15 July, reported total contributions of US$ 318 million to humanitarian action in Kenya. Of this amount, 96.2 % ($ 306 million) has been allocated to projects within the 2010 Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan. The Emergency Relief Coordinator in June 2010 announced an allocation of US$ 10 million CERF funding to Kenya under the rapid response window.

At the recent launch of the global mid-year review appeal documents, it was noted that funding levels have dropped slightly compared to the same point in recent years, but not as deeply as earlier feared, considering the global economic recession. The massive aid to Haiti following the earthquake also seems to have affected the availability of funds for other crises, but again only marginally.

2010 Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan (EHRP)

The 2010 Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan (EHRP) at mid-year review has received a total of US$306 million or 52% of the total revised requirements of $ 585.8 million requested. Of this amount, US$ 165.9 million has been allocated to food assistance covering 92% of the 2010 food requirements. Other sectors receiving funding are agriculture and livestock, coordination, early recovery, health, nutrition, WASH and multi?sector assistance for refugees. An additional amount of $ 2.8 million is reported as uncommitted pledges. Funding coverage against stated needs across sectors is yet to significantly improve. The Protection and Education sectors have not received funding so far.


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