Kenya Food Security Update, November 2008


- Heavy rains have now spread through most parts of the country, as of the second week of November, enhancing prospects for improved food security.

- However, flooding around the Lake region, in the pastoral districts of Turkana, Mandera, Garissa, Tana River, in localized areas of the central highlands, and in southeastern lowlands, has resulted in the loss of life and livelihoods and displacement.

- Unseasonable rainfall in key maize growing areas in the North Rift has hampered harvesting and could heighten pre‐ and post‐harvest losses.

- Livestock diseases, the Peste de petit ruminants (PPR) in particular, remain a major threat to the pastoral livelihood, while current flooding suggests that monitoring of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF) should be prioritized.

- While good rains are improving environmental conditions, which should in turn reverse the declining trend in pastoral food security, a balanced cross‐sectoral response is prerequisite.