Kenya Food Security Outlook Update November 2012


Dry spells after the start of the short rains in October slowed recovery


  • Following timely onset of the October to December short rains, a dry spell hit in late October and early November in parts of the southeastern marginal mixed farming livelihood zone. In these areas, households have exhausted their stocks.

  • Casual labor opportunities increased from September to October with land preparation and planting in the southeastern and coastal lowlands. However, the increase in casual labor income did not compensate for high maize prices and higher levels of market dependency, leaving some poor households in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) (Figure 1).

  • In pastoral livelihood zones, environmental conditions have improved since the start of the October to December short rains. Livestock body conditions are fair. Milk production is slowly increasing, and livestock prices area well above their five-year averages. However, high above average maize prices continued to impede households’ food access.