Kenya Food Security Outlook Update February 2014


Key Messages

  • Despite the below average short rains harvest in February, food security is still Stressed (IPC Phase 2) in much of the country. The long rains are likely to be near normal to below normal, helping increase food access from March, especially in the pastoral livelihood zones.

  • From the meagre short rains harvest along with limited income from casual labor income and remittances, households in the marginal agricultural livelihood zones and the coastal strip are able to afford and access minimal but slightly diversified diets right now in the post-harvest period.

  • In the pastoral livelihood zones, conflict has constrained market access while pasture depletion led to earlier than normal livestock migration, reducing milk availability and related income. As a result, poor households entered Crisis (IPC Phase 3) in localized pockets of Marsabit and Turkana Counties.