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Kenya: Flow Monitoring Dashboard (November 2020)

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This dashboard provides an analysis of trends in population mobility observed at four (4) Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) at official border points along the Kenya-Uganda border (at Malaba and Busia) as well as the Kenyan border with the United Republic of Tanzania (at Namanga and Lunga Lunga). A total of 5,049 were observed during the month of November 2020. This represents a 2% decrease in daily average movement in comparison with October 2020.


A large majority of the travellers monitored (74%) were between years 18-49 age bracket. The 30-39 age group recorded the highest movement accounting for 29 per cent of the totalcount. More than half of the travellers came by bus (51%) while 23 per cent used a taxi or own car.

Reason for moving:
Most of the movements were motivated by economic reasons (28%) or family related-reasons (26%). Those returning to their habitual residence accounted for 23 per cent compared to the 10 per cent recorded in October. Another 5 per cent reported moving to seek health care, while 3 per cent were looking for education opportunities.

Flow Monitoring Points:
39 per cent of the tot al movements wer e observ ed in Lunga Lunga, Busia recor ded 31 per cent, Namanga 17 per cent while Malaba recor ded 14 per cent.

Less than 1 per cent of those tracked mentioned to have registered as refugees.

COVID-19 awareness:
92 per cent of those in transit were aware of the COVID-19 protection measures and signs.