Kenya: Floods submerge farms in Rhamu

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Following heavy rains in Rhamu and Rhamu Dimtu Divisions of Mandera Central District, North Eastern Province, at least 600 hectares of farms have been submerged in water. The floods that started in October 2008 have intensified due to increased run off from the surrounding hills and lagas causing River Daua to burst its banks.

In mid October 2008, flooding of the farms was moderate on the Kenyan side and worse on Ethiopian side, thanks to the 700m gabions constructed through the Rhamu Hydro Project along the banks of River Daua in Shantoley, Rhamu, Yabicho and Girisa project locations.

The current floods have caused much destruction compared to the situation in October this year. The 600ha of farmland support some 1,200 families, whose livelihood and food security now hangs in the balance.

Several farms which were planted recently are submerged in floods while crops that were ready for harvesting such as maize, vegetables and fruits are under water.

Flooding is expected to last 60 to 90 days, while normal farming will resume in January and February 2009.

Kenya Red Cross team is in Rhamu to assess the humanitarian needs required by the affected populations.

Estimated Damage in Two Divisions

Vegetables and horticultural crops
50 ha
80 ha
90 ha