Kenya: Floods Infomation Bulletin No. 1

Situation Report
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In Brief

This Information Bulletin (no. 1/2007) reflects the information available at this time.

All Kenya Red Cross Society assistance seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct and is committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response in delivering assistance to the most vulnerable. For support to or for further information concerning the Kenya Red Cross Society programmes or operations, or for a full description of the Society's profile, please access the Kenya Red Cross Society Website at or the Federation's Website at

The Situation

Heavy rainfall was experienced in various parts of Kenya leading to flash floods in Western and Coast regions in the past few days and weeks. Four people lost their lives and over 3,000 people displaced in Coast Province. In Western Province over 3,600 people were displaced by floods. Other parts of the country are also experiencing heavy rainfall, raising further fears of flooding and displacement of people. The heavy rains have disrupted normal activities and destroyed property of unknown value, crops and infrastructure. There is also fear of disease outbreak of malaria, diarrhoea and cholera.

Coast Province

In Mombasa, a heavy storm on the night of 12th May 2007 left a trail of destruction and flooding. Two children in Bamburi area were feared dead when the house they were living in collapsed on them, while one person is undergoing treatment at a local dispensary after he sustained injuries during the storm.

Another two children died on 14th May 2007 when their house, in Magogoni area of Kisauni, was swept away.

In Likoni, 130 families were affected when a heavy storm blew off 34 houses. 12 of the houses were destroyed in Jamvi la Wageni and 22 houses in Mbomani. The water levels have risen in Bombolulu and Mishomoroni area. Flooding will be expected if the rains persisted.

In Kilifi, heavy rainfall was recorded between 11th and 14th May 2007. The road from Kaloleni to Kilifi was cut off at Kajembe area. 45 houses were either submerged or damaged or totally destroyed in Kikambala, Kilifi town and Kisumu Ndogo area, displacing 500 families. Bahari Primary School also collapsed and affected normal learning. The displaced families have been accommodated by their neighbours. There are concerns that diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea and cholera may occur. In Magharini, the Parliamentary and Civic voting exercise was marred by heavy rainfall. Trucks carrying ballot boxes could not access most of the polling stations due to the intense flooding and impassable roads. The voting process had to delay in various stations prompting the government to deploy helicopters to ferry the ballot boxes. In some areas, the helicopters could not find landing spots.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

- Mr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General, Kenya Red Cross Society, Email; Phone; Fax

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