Kenya: Floods Emergency appeal MDRKE025

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This Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 3,538,548 in cash, kind, or services to support the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) to assist 52,183 beneficiaries affected by floods for six months. The emergency operation will be completed by the end of October 2013, and a final Report will be made available by January 2014.


This Emergency Appeal is being launched in response to flooding conditions and support for communities affected and displaced by the floods and landslides. According to KRCS rapid assessment reports, 9,865 households in the regions of Rift Valley, Coast, Upper Eastern,
Lower Eastern, North Eastern, Central and West Kenya have been displaced by the on-going floods. 39 people have so far been reported dead, 4 persons are still missing, and 640 houses have been completely destroyed. It has been reported that 6,040 acres of farmland have been washed away or submerged, particularly in Nyanza, Bura Tana and Malindi region. The displaced or evacuated families are currently sheltered within schools, churches, public shopping centres and among host families.

Following its initial rapid assessments, KRCS has been able to reach out to a total population of 9,865 displaced households through search and rescue, distribution of non-food items (NFIs, including emergency shelter) health interventions, evacuation and recovery operations and tracing and restoration of family links.

The rains are expected to continue into the month of June in most of the areas as per the current forecasts from the Kenyan Meteorological Department (KMD), and will continue to affect a wider population in the affected and high risk areas. Therefore the number of people in need of assistance is expected to rise.

With this emergency appeal, KRCS intends to continue its response, including search and rescue operations, provision of safe shelter for households whose homes were completely destroyed, provision of safe water and improved sanitation and hygiene, provision of first aid and emergency primary health care, provision of basic needs and assistance of recovery through cash programming and livelihood activities, and reduction of future risks for the flood-affected population through community-based disaster risk reduction interventions. The shelter component requested by this appeal is significantly reduced due to the prior distribution of non-food items and tarpaulins already carried out for all affected households by KRCS.

This operation is expected to be implemented over a six-month period and will therefore be completed by 31 October 2013. A final report will be made available three months after the end of the operation (by 31 January, 2014)