Kenya: Floods Cause Death, Destruction and Displacement

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Some districts in Kenya are experiencing heavy rains and floods that have caused deaths, destruction of property and displacement of hundreds of people. At least 20 people and thousands of livestock are feared dead due to the current floods that have submerged or swept away swaths of farmlands.

North Rift

Four districts have been severely affected by floods in the North Rift Region, following the heavy rains experienced over the past two weeks.

In Turkana East District, at least 20,000 people have been affected by floods following heavy rains received in the area, with devastating impact on livestock, farms, infrastructure and households. Katilu and Nakwamoru irrigation schemes are the worst hit, with floods washing away sorghum and maize crops. Five people have been confirmed dead. Some 800 acres of food crops have been destroyed and five bridges washed away, 6,664 houses destroyed, two schools destroyed and two health centres damaged. The livestock deaths include shoats (4,362), cattle (235), donkeys (60) and camels (351).

In East Pokot District, River Nginyang has burst its banks and residents in downstream areas such as Chemolingot have been advised to move to higher grounds.

In West Pokot District floods have affected more than 160 households in Kongelai and destroyed 60 houses. The floods also have cut off the main Kenya-Sudan road. In Marigat area, more than 400 households have been affected by floods.

South Rift

Floods have been reported in four districts in South Rift Region ? Narok, Naivasha, Kajiado. Naivasha has been experiencing flash foods as a result of heavy rains which started on 27th December 2009. The most affected areas are Kikopey in Gilgil and Moindabi in Naivasha, with 150 households (509 people) being affected. Narok District was hit by heavy rains from Oloipito highlands that affected 75 households and displaced 60 households. At least four deaths were reported. Kajiado 3, Narok 1.

Floods have wrecked havoc in Koibatek, Mogotio and Rongai districts, affecting 136 households.

West Kenya

On 2nd January 2010, various districts in West Kenya experienced heavy rains that increased the water levels, causing floods across the region.

In Lower Nyakach, Nyando District, 250 households have been displaced in eight villages. At least 1,674 people are at risk of being displaced by floods in the district. Some 47 households have been evacuated to safety and are camping at St Alloys Primary School. In Nyando Division, three villages have been flooded, with 56 households in Nyakon sub-location and 24 households in Ayweyo sub-location being affected. A school in Nyando division is marooned ? Miruka primary school has been maronned by water from Atoyien River. Two latrines in the school have been destroyed.

Lower Eastern

At least six households have been displaced in Mutomo in Kitui District. In Kajiado North, three children were swept by ranging floods water.

Floods along River Kiboko, in Makindu District, have affected 29 households (with 5HH displaced and evacuated to safer grounds). Most families lost household propertiesand crops in their farms.


Thunderstorm, heavy rains and winds experienced on 22nd December 2009 caused floods in the CBD, Mukuru slums, Kibera slums, Mathare slums and Mitumba village in South C. In Kibera, over 60 households were destroyed, strong winds blew off roofs of 33 houses in Makadara, felled own trees in parts Nairobi including Mombasa road, Valley road, Uhuru highway and Haille Selassie avenue. At least two vehicles were damaged in the city. Four people lost their lives and two others were injured.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Action

Kenya Red Cross has so far provided NFI kits for 730 households. The NFIs were distributed as follows 150 HH in Mogotio, 150 in Naivasha, 30 in Narok and 400 in Marigat. Another consignment of 700 NFI kits has been dispatched to Turkana districts. Some 8MT of food have been dispatched to Mogotio and Rongai districts.