Kenya: Floods and Landslides OCHA Situation Report No. 03, 12 Nov 2008

Situation Report
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This situation report is based on information received from the Government, UN Agencies, other humanitarian partners in the field and local media.


- Kenya Red Cross Society estimates that 300,000 people have been affected by floods.

- Severe flooding started in Budalangi district on 10 November after water burst through the dykes on the Nzoia River; at least 5,000 people were displaced.

- At least five people were killed, including two children, due to flooding in the Ukambani Region between 6-10 November.

- Landslides killed 12 people, ten of whom were children, in Pokot Central district on 8 November; 27 houses are at risk of future landslides.

- Flash floods from Mount Kilimanjaro displaced at least 100 people and destroyed farms in Taveta, Coast Province.

- The KRCS reported that floods have affected 29,570 people in Trans Nzoia district and submerged 1,800 acres of farmland.

- Flood waters are spreading in Mandera Central district and had already submerged 600 hectares of farmland, affecting 1,200 families.

- At least 22 families were displaced by floods in Meru Central district on 22 October.


1. In Budalangi district, Western Province: severe flooding is occurring after water burst the dyke on the Nzoia River on 10 November. According to an inter-agency mission on 12 November, approximately 5,000 people were affected in Mukobola Centre, Lugare, Budalangi, Mudembi-Sibuka, Siginga and Mundereh locations though some areas remain inaccessible so numbers could not be verified. The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) noted that up to 40,679 people may have been affected by the floods.

2. Schools have been submerged, including Kibuka and Igingo schools, and most latrines in the affected areas were either submerged or were full. Cases of diarrhoea, respiratory tract infections and malaria were reported in the affected areas.

3. Media reported that some affected households have moved to Mudembi's Chief's Camp and Free Pentecostal Church Bunyala East location.

4. Heavy rainfall continues to affect the area and it is predicted that the remaining dykes could give way due to the increased water pressure. Recent efforts to repair dykes on the Nzoia River had been delayed due to heavy rains. Some officials have called for the replacement of the 30-year old dykes.

5. The Nzoia River in Budalangi district is prone to annual flooding. More than 28,000 families were affected by floods in Budalangi in 2007: 6,000- 8,000 were displaced by the floods and 2,000 were marooned.

6. In Buyanji, Sabwani and Maliki, Trans Nzoia district: the KRCS reported that floods have affected 29,570 people. Many people in Namanjalala centre have been evacuated to high ground. More than 1,800 acres of farmland have also been flooded.

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