Kenya: Floods and Landslides OCHA Situation Report No. 02, 10 Nov 2008

Situation Report
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This situation report is based on information received from the Government, UN Agencies, other humanitarian partners in the field and local media.


- Severe flooding started in Bulangi district on 10 November after water burst through the dykes on the river Sondu; over 20,000 families are at risk.

- At least five people were killed, including two children, due to flooding in the Ukambani Region between 6-10 November.

- Landslides killed 12 people, ten of whom were children, in Pokot Central district on 8 November; 27 houses are at risk of future landslides.

- At least 22 families were displaced by floods in Meru Central district on 22 October.

Situation Overview

1. Severe flooding is occurring in Budalangi district, Western Province where water burst the dyke on the Nzoia River on 10 November. Water began overflowing from the Nzoia river dyke at 05:00 on 10 November and was also overflowing the dyke on the Nzoia River by 1200. Some households are already marooned and community-members in the floodplain are urgently trying to create temporary embankments using gunnysacks.

2. The Nzoia River in Budalangi district is prone to annual flooding. More than 28,000 families were affected by floods in Budalangi in 2007: 6,000 - 8,000 were displaced by the floods and 2,000 were marooned.

3. At least five people were killed due to floods between 6 - 10 November in the Ukambani Region (south-eastern Kenya), according to local media. Two children were swept away by a flooded stream in Kitui District and three people were swept away in Kangundo district while attempting to cross the flooded Kalala River. At least twenty houses were reportedly flooded, recently planted crops were submerged and roads in Ukambani have reportedly been extensively damaged.

Map: Floods and Landslides - 10 November 2008 - Current Emergencies in Kenya

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