Kenya Famine Relief Update 26 Feb 2001

Both projects undertaken by The Salvation Army in Kenya - the Nakuru District emergency feeding programme and the countrywide distribution of Unimix to pre-school children - are on schedule.
All seven administrative divisions have now had two food distributions and all 39 locations are used to the system. The hired lorries are greeted by orderly crowds and prayers are said at every drop-off point. The Community Committee structure is working admirably, with the members marshalling the crowds and taking charge of food parcels when people are not there to collect them.

The Unimix feeding project is very much appreciated.

Envoys Peter and Ruth Hammond left for the UK on 20 February, with sincere thanks for all their hard work during their six-week tour of duty. They have been replaced by Captain Cedric Hills (Falkirk, UK).

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