Kenya elections aftermath updated 20 Mar 2008

While the security situation in Kenya has improved as a result of the Feb. 29 power-sharing agreement between Kenya's President, Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader, Raila Odinga, international media continues to report incidences of sporadic violence, including several deaths and burning of homes in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya.

A CCF Kenya emergency core team is in place to institute and run child protection activities in three informal urban settlements where Child Centered Spaces will be located. During the past three weeks, the team has worked to coordinate with local government, and local and international agencies.

CCF Kenya is set to implement two Child Centered Spaces which will foster a protective environment for children, establish community-based monitoring, and psychosocial support which are critical steps for children during the healing phase.

CCF's Gender-Based Violence Consultant, Mendy Marsh, is currently leading an assessment to determine the extent and impact of Gender-Based Violence in five targeted areas. The assessment exercise is being conducted in collaboration with trained volunteer youths from CCF program areas.

The Emergency program team is benefiting from three-day training on Gender-Based Violence currently being facilitated by Marsh as part of a capacity-building effort.

The program team will nominate representatives for the 10-member Child Well-Being Committee. This committee will mobilize community activities including, reaching out to parents to send their children to the Child Centered Spaces, and also follow up on Gender-Based Violence reports.