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Kenya elections aftermath updated 09 Jan 2008

The instability and violence stemming from the Dec. 27 presidential elections in Kenya is continuing to present security issues for many Kenyans. CCF's national office in Nairobi is now open, although the security situation remains volatile. CCF staff have been hindered in traveling to the program areas.

'The security of our staff is of utmost importance,' CCF President and CEO Anne Lynam Goddard said. 'In order to properly support families and children, we must first ensure the safety of our staff. CCF is well-established in Kenya and is committed to the 51 programs we currently run in the country. We have worked in Kenya since 1960 and are preparing to assist the communities impacted by this crisis.'

Security issues have forced thousands of Kenyans to flee to neighboring Uganda. CCF-Uganda is responding to the needs of the Kenyan refugees by working with the Uganda Red Cross in the Busia area to provide blankets, soap, basins and jerry cans to carry water. Radio messages created by CCF-Uganda are aired every evening to encourage refugees of the benefits of registration.