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Kenya elections aftermath updated 07 Jan 2008

Following the violent clashes in Kenya, 5,400 refugees are estimated to have entered Uganda, in an area where CCF works with local communities. Local Ugandan government authorities in Busia District asked CCF-Uganda to assist the Ugandan Red Cross with initial registration and assistance to the refugees, as CCF is well-placed due to the community networks (such as Child Well-Being Committees) that CCF has set up to protect vulnerable children.

CCF is working with local authorities, UNICEF, the Ugandan Red Cross and the World Food Program to discuss the needs and assess the response to these refugees. CCF-Uganda staff reported today that CCF has procured jerry cans, blankets and basins which are being distributed in the Busia area.

'Because CCF has been working in Busia, local authorities have asked us to help and inform refugees of their rights and of the availability of assistance to them,' said Anne Edgerton, Director of Emergency Response at CCF headquarters in Richmond, Va. 'We are using radio announcements and our Child Well-Being Committees to transmit the message, and we are assessing the condition and numbers of refugees in the area.'

CCF-Uganda is a member of the Busia District Disaster Preparedness committee, which is coordinating response and general information.