Kenya elections aftermath updated 04 Feb 2008

In light of the violence that has broken out in post-election Kenya, CCF-Kenya National Director, Dennis O'Brien, met to debrief staff at the Richmond office on Jan. 29. O'Brien discussed the volatile state of Kenya and the current status of staff and CCF-assisted families. 'The level of security is such that CCF has to be careful, it is not yet safe to establish new programs for children,' O'Brien said.

O'Brien says CCF has been assisting communities. 'We are helping communities cope with the crisis to the best of our abilities.' O'Brien noted that one of the basic needs that is not currently being met is education. Schools all over Kenya have been forced to shut down, teachers have abandoned their classes-- parents and children are afraid to leave the safety of their homes.

Long-term programs are in the works but have not been implemented as of yet. 'We are monitoring the situation closely but not moving headlong yet because the situation is still dynamic,' O'Brien said.  'We have plans to establish child centered spaces so children can have a safe and secure area to be children and play.  We are also working on a gender-based violence component to raise awareness and identify the means of referral so victims can get help.'