Kenya Drought Appeal Update

33 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs
Disaster Bulletin No. 7632S

(ORIGINALLY ISSUED FEB. 13, 1997, for $515,000)


SITUATION: Rain abated drought conditions in Kenya during the last six months, improving a parched landscape shorn of vegetation. Some 2.5 million persons had been threatened with starvation. The Kenyan government declared a famine disaster in the wake of the drought that began more than a year ago.

RESPONSE: Prior to the recent rains, assistance from Church World Service had helped a number of communities where CWS was already active in grass-roots development work. Following its appeal # 7632S on Feb. 13, 1997, for $515,000, CWS purchased 101 tons of beans for the communities of Masongaleni and Nthongoni and for an area of northern Kenya populated primarily by nomadic peoples.

(In Masongaleni, a CWS water project is providing clean drinking water to 2,000 families; in Nthongoni, CWS has rehabilitated 15 shallow wells and initiated a micro-irrigation project.)

Drought had also affected Tanzania, but the Christian Council of Tanzania, a CWS partner, did not request assistance.


RESPONSE: The beans were purchased and distributed in early spring, reports Dan Tyler, CWS regional representative based in Nairobi. In Masongaleni -- which has a population of 4,000 families with an average of six members in each family -- 36 tons of beans were distributed to 3,873 families as part of a "food-for-work" program at the request of the community. Vulnerable groups in the community also received beans. Each family received a maximum of 10.5 kilograms of beans. The community requested the CWS assistance.

In Nthongoni, 25 tons of beans were distributed to 2,273 families in 16 villages. (Nthongoni has some 8,000 families, also with an average of six members in each family.) The beans were distributed to poor families according to their degree of poverty, Tyler said. The poorest families received 6.5 kilograms each of beans. This distribution process was decided upon by the community leaders, he reported. The Christian Partners Development Agency, a Kenya-based NGO and CWS partner, requested the food assistance for Nthongoni.

In addition, CWS distributed 40 tons of beans in northern Kenya to some 4,100 families in remote, marginal rural areas populated primarily by farmers and nomadic peoples. The food went to some 4,100 families. Jubaland Relief and Rehabilitation Society (JRRS), an indigenous NGO formed in 1991 to provide humanitarian assistance for displaced people in Somalia and neighboring countries, requested the CWS aid. The organization has worked with CWS on several projects related to food distribution, animal husbandry and water resource development.


(The following figures are based on information available as of Aug. 14. Information provided to CWS/ERO may not yet be complete and the following figures are not final. If there are changes or corrections, please contact CWS/ERO and changes/corrections will be included in future updates.)

Church World Service has received $118,628 in appeal income for Emergency Account #7639A. The current balance is $0.

Denominational support to the appeal includes:

Christian Church (Disciples) $6,000
Church of the Brethren $5,000
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) $20,000
United Church of Christ
(UCC Board for World Ministries) $25,000

Other income includes:

Public donations $37,628
CWS Emergency Advance Fund $25,000

TOTAL: $118,628

Expenses include:

$107,628 to purchase beans in Kenya.
$10,907 for transportation costs
$93 for bank charges, communications and postage.

Thank you to the participating denominations, communions, congregations and individuals for their support of this appeal.

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