Kenya Drought and Famine Update No.2

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Action by Churches Together(ACT) is a worldwide network of Churches and their related agencies meeting human need through co-ordinated emergency response and common identity. The ACT network is organizationally based in the Lutheran World Federation(LWF) and the World Council of Churches(WCC) and is a co-ordinating rather than operational office.


Geneva, 29 July 1997

Dear Friends,

In view of the critical funding situation (ref. previous Update of July 10), ACT/NCCK has reviewed and decided to scale back its program in terms of beneficiary coverage, but will continue to provide the same level of relief to those beneficiaries who remain targetted throughout the duration of the project. If, or more optimistically, when additional contributions become available, NCCK can re-include some of those that have been removed from the program. In a recent meeting of the task force, it was agreed that any decision to scale back the number of beneficiaries and/or the number of regions in which the program operates would be based on the following three factors:

- the relative need of beneficiaries in that area,
- the capacity of the region to implement the program in accordance with the requirements under the appeal (as demonstrated by the results of the June food distribution), and
- the presence of other agencies conducting food relief operations in the area.

ACT/NCCK has just finished an assessment of the capabilities and needs in each of the areas. Only those sites which are logistically feasible and cost effective in administrative terms, have been selected.

Consequently, the Implementing Partner now proposes a revised distribution plan from July through September in the following areas:

No. of benef.
North Rift West Pokot/Marakwet 3,000
South Rift Maralal, Baragoi, Wamba 3,000
Coast Bura, Hola, Garsen, Kipine 4,004
Central Dol Dol, Ngare, Ndare 3,041
Total 13,045

The whole of the Lower Eastern Region (8000 beneficiaries) has been eliminated for two reasons. First, site visits revealed that none of the areas complied fully in providing the full amount of maize and beans required for the number of beneficiaries that were to be targeted. Investigations have revealed that corrective measures would require an enormous amount of effort as well as resources for travel, monitoring, instruction and training, etc. Given the need to reduce the administrative costs, such an investment is simply not possible at the moment. Second, there are also a number of other agencies operating in this area, although there is little doubt of the need for more.

Kainuk and Juluk distribution sites within the North Rift region, despite exemplary implementation of the program, have also been eliminated due to budgetary constraints. Additionally, there is one other agency in Kainuk implementing a fairly substantial food distribution program. However, if adequate funds become available these two distribution sites will be re-included in the program.

With regard to water, ACT/NCCK would still like to rehabilitate seven water sites at US $ 1,875 per site. This will have a lasting impact on the people and enhance their ability to provide for themselves in times of drought.

The Implementing Partner believes it can with a modest additional amount, accomplish implementation of the program as noted above. Otherwise, some sites will have to be dropped for the September distribution. The regional and district coordinators at these sites prefer to leave these sites in for now, with the hope that additional funds will become available.

Much of ACT/CCS' funding was earmarked by the donors. While the seed component of their program has been optimally covered, the food distribution portion has a shortfall of nearly 67%. Without additional funding, there may be one smaller food distribution as the funds have been nearly exhausted and the remaining focus will have to be on implementation of the seed program for which a comprehensive distribution plan and schedule is being developed.

Target (In USD) Received
ACT/NCCK 724,270 386,420
ACT/CCS 606,530 298,243

A more comprehensive Interim Report is being sent to the concerned donors.

Thank you for your attention and support.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

ACT Co-ordinator, Miriam Lutz (Phone ++41 22 9716032 or mobile phone ++41 22 892036055)
ACT Appeals Officer, Neville Pradhan (Phone ++41 22 9716035)

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