Kenya: Complex Emergency (Floods, Drought and Civil Unrest) Emergency appeal n° MDRKE023

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This Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 20,419,397 in cash, kind, or services to support the Kenya Red Cross to assist 465,844 beneficiaries for 12 months and will be completed by June 2013. A Final Report will be made available by September 2013 (3 months after the end of the operation).

A DREF (MDRKE022) of CHF 314,208 was allocated in May 2012 from the IFRCDREF to support provision of immediate support to 20,892 persons displaced by floods in West Kenya, Rift Valley and Coast.


This Emergency Appeal is being launched in response to complex humanitarian conditions and support communities affected and displaced by one or more disasters. A holistic and integrated community based approach is critically needed to properly address this complexity. An integrated multi sectoral response has been demonstrated to be more effective in tackling the root causes of this complex emergency, rather than to address them in isolation, as they are interrelated. Floods affected several parts of the country since rains started in March, 2012. Communities affected by drought in 2011 have not yet recovered and are experiencing food insecurity and high rates of acute malnutrition.

They are likely to slide into full-scale emergency by July 2012 due to erratic and unfavourable rainfall in those districts. Several areas are also experiencing armed inter-tribal clashes triggered by competition for natural resources and competing political interests associated with the implementation of the new Constitution and coming elections. This appeal will assist these communities that are currently experiencing or expected to face one or more of these three emergency risks.