Kenya: Assessment report of the flood affected areas

By Kenya Food Security Steering Group, November 2006


Immediately following the heavy rains that fell during the weekend of 10 November, representatives from the Office of the President, Government of Kenya, and the UN agencies agreed on an urgent need for an aerial survey of flooded areas.

This fly-over took place on 16 and 17 November and included representatives from the GoK (Ministries of Health and Public Works as well as Office of the President); the UN Agencies (FAO, UNICEF and WFP) and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS). The team over-flew Malindi and Tana River Districts of Coast province; Garissa and Ijara Districts of North-Eastern province and Machakos District of Eastern Province. The aerial assessment allowed the team to pinpoint specific flood-affected areas accessible only by helicopter.

Further assessments by helicopter took place between 21 and 23 November with a multisectoral team comprised of UN Agencies (FAO and WFP) and the GoK (Ministries of Health and Public Works). The team landed in Garissa, Ijara, Isiolo, Tana River and Wajir Districts and collected data using a standardized format. Regular updates are also being compiled by various organizations from data collected at district level and has supplemented the above assessments.


Coast Province

Heavy rains in the Coast region, the weekend of 10 November, severely affected Kwale District.

The main road from Mombasa to Tanzania, through Lunga Lunga, as well the secondary roads in the district, were washed out.

Commercial transport, as well as the movement of WFP relief food into the district, has been severely hampered.

Heavy rains have washed out parts of the main road through Tana River District to North Eastern Province, particularly around Garsen and Hola.

Tana River District has been badly affected by heavy rains and flooding of the river.

Eastern Province

Intense rain has also been received in many parts of this province including Embu and Machakos Districts. The run-off from Embu District spills into the Tana River.

The three dams in Machakos District (Kiambere, Kindaruma, and Masinga) have filled to capacity and on 16 November water was released from the Kiambere dam into the Tana River causing flooding downstream.

North Eastern Province

Heavy rains have been reported in Garissa District over the past one week and were particularly heavy from 22 to 23 November

As noted above, flooding of the Tana River in Garissa and Tana River Districts occurred during the weekend of 17 November as a result of water spilling from the Kiambere dam.

The Garissa - Dadaab road, the main access road to the refugee camps, is impassable due to heavy rains that have washed out several key culverts. The three refugee camps in Dadaab are in a depression and accumulates run-off accumulates. Ifo camp initially flooded the weekend of 10 November but the waters have now subsided.