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Kakuma refugee influx updates on 28th January 2014

Situation Progress

To date a total number of 13,064 refugees have been registered in Kakuma, with an approximately of 100 new arrivals registered daily. The number of new arrivals has dropped a bit as compared to last week because there has been a fuel shortage in South Sudan. This has affected the means of transport since the commercial vehicles the refugees were using to get access to the Kenyan boarder, do not have a fueling place at the Southern Sudan side. At the moment Malakal and Juba reception centers have been closed down temporarily. They will be re-opened if there will be an influx once again. There were 5 cases of measles detected last week, and 2 of them were from the new arrivals, the patients have been isolated and measures are being taken to prevent transmission.

KRCS Interventions

Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has continued to offer free mobile phone calls to the refugees in Kakuma camp to support in family restoration links and for the new arrivals to convey their safe arrival in Kenya. Since these interventions begun on 26th December 2013, to 27th January a total of 2,918 calls have been made, 2,528 turned out to be successful whereas 390 calls were unsuccessful. The partners have been having weekly meetings which are held every Wednesday. KRCS was given the responsibility of registering the unaccompanied minors (UAMs) for tracing purposes. Although initially as they arrive they are first attended to by Lutheran World Federation, for those who don’t have foster homes they are registered by KRCS for tracing of their family members.


The KRCS interventions are ongoing in Kakuma 4 camp.