Kakuma Camp Update - 19th February 2014

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 19 Feb 2014

Current Situation:

On 18th February, a total of 128 new arrivals were received from Nadapal border and 306 were received on the previous day. This brings the total number of South Sudanese asylum seekers received to 18,020. Consequently, the total estimated camp population is now 147,230. Close monitoring of the daily arrivals and daily interlinked operations in Nadapal and Kakuma continued.


UNHCR and DRA continued the dialogue with the host communities in Nakururum area on the requested new land for establishment of another refugee camp. Host communities in the area offered two alternative sites that can be used. The two sites are about 80 km from Kakuma, on the right side of the road as one drives to Lokichoggio. However, this is not a done deal yet as the elders from the opposite side of the road need to be consulted to have a unanimous decision. In the meantime, UNHCR/UNESCO technical team is conducting an assessment on availability of ground water and suitability of the proposed sites for a refugee camp.