Kajiado District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, December 2006


Situation Overview

Moderate to heavy rainfall was received in most parts of the district by the close of the month of December 2006.

Water availability and accessibility for livestock, agriculture and domestic use was good compared to the previous month. Distance to and from watering points was within the Normal radii of less than 3km. Close to 90% of temporary water sources (pans and dams) had water.

Livestock body condition was good for all species owing to pasture availability in most parts of the district. Pasture regeneration started in earnest and was available in green lush form in most areas.

There were reported cases of CBPP in cattle and CCPP and diarrhoea in shoats as in the previous month.

Average cattle price increased from Ksh 9581 to Ksh.11,140 in November and December 2006 respectively. The observed trend is mainly attributed to good livestock body condition and low supply in most market as pastoralist embarked on herd-building owing to improved pasture and water condition.

Child malnutrition rates are still high. The number of children with MUAC < 135mm- (At Risk %) slightly declined from 12.9% to 11.30% in November and December 2006 respectively.

70% of households food needs are met by purchases and relief food. Milk was available in plenty in most households.

Crops performance was excellent district wide. Beans are flowering while maize was knee high to tussling.

Crop production practices were weeding and pest control.

Recommendation to district Authorities/DSG and National KFSSG Food Intervention:

Continued relief food operations in the district: retargeting of affected population under EMOP.

Nutritional support/supplementary feeding should be targeted to communities still reporting persistent high malnutrition rate among the under fives.

Livestock Sector

Disease control- vaccination of cattle and small stock against FMD, CCPP, CBPP and diarrhoea in small stock

Livestock restocking /redistribution

Water Sector

Rehabilitation and drilling  of strategic boreholes


Enhanced school feeding program

Provision of plastic tanks to schools in the remote pastoral areas.

Current drought / concluded interventions

Food Aid: GoK/WFP EMOP Phase IV; is on going, targeting 22% of Kajiado population.

NIA/ACCORD/ Concern World Wide- Water development, and Ipomoea control