Kajiado County: Drought Monitoring and Early Warning Bulletin for October 2019


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

  • The onset of 2019 short rains was normal. The rains started in the second week of October with fair temporal distribution.
  • The vegetation greenness was within the normal band after fair forage regeneration across the County.
  • Water was now adequate with about 50% recharge of most surface water sources.

Production and Access Indicators

  • The impact of short rains was yet to be felt in livestock productivity. Their body condition was still poor and, milk production and prices were still low.
  • Return migration of livestock were observed by end of October.

Access indicators

  • The terms of trade improved in October compared to September probably due to reduced prices of food stuffs.
  • Household milk consumption declined due to low production.
  • Water was now accessible to both livestock and people with distances to water points having reduced.

Utilization Indicators

  • The risk of malnutrition for under-fives was stable and below the long term average as household employ consumption based coping strategies such as skipping and reducing the number of meals consumed in a day to deal with lack of food.