Kajiado County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for October 2020


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification Biophysical Indicators

  • The onset of short rains was late with poor spatial and temporal distribution.

  • The County vegetation greenness was above normal.

  • Forage condition was poor in pastoral zones and fair in AgroPastorals areas.

  • The Southern Pastoral was water stressed with poor pasture.

Production Indicators

  • Livestock all species ranged from good to moderate while milk production was below the long term average. Low milk production was due to low livestock tropical unit and low calving rate during the month.

  • There was migration of livestock in search of pasture in Kajiado South pastoral.

Access indicators

  • The terms of trade were good, above five year average.

  • The amount of milk consumed by households was less than the normal for similar period of the year due to low production.

  • Distances to water sources from homestead and grazing fields increased in October but still remained slightly shorter than long term averages for similar months.

Utilization Indicators

  • Proportion of under-five children at risk of malnutrition remained stable below long-term average.

  • Households with no money to buy food opted for less preferred foods, borrowing or reducing food portions. Most households, 70% were consuming required food varieties at required frequency.