Kajiado County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for November 2016


Drought Situation

Biophysical Indicators

  • The short rains started on the 1st week of November. The normal onset is usually between the 2nd and 3rd week of October.

  • In November the amount of rain was about 90% of the normal.

  • The county was in moderate vegetation deficit. In Kajiado South, the vegetation condition remained below long term average since April.

Production and Access Indicators

  • Milk production and consumption were negligible in November.

  • The terms of trade declined continually for four months since July.

  • Most farmers were planting while others were replanting. November is usually a month for weeding.

Utilization Indicators

  • Risk of malnutrition for children aged 6-59 months continually increased since July this year.

  • Most households were now reducing the frequency of feeding and size of meals eaten in a day due to lack of money to buy food.