Kajiado County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for May 2020


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

✓ The cessation of long rains was normal with the County experiencing light showers in few areas.

✓ Vegetation greenness was above normal while pasture and browse was good and accessible.

✓ Water was also available for livestock and for domestic use with return distance being shorter than long term averages

Production and Access Indicators

✓ Livestock were in good body condition and in their normal grazing fields while their prices were stable and above short term average

✓ However, milk production was below the long term average probably due to declining tropical livestock units.

✓ Crops in mixed farming areas were doing well and near normal yields were expected Access indicators

✓ The terms of trade was stable and above the long term average between April and May.

✓ Similarly, the household milk consumption was above the long term average. Most of the households were not selling milk due to restricted social interaction due to COVID-19.

Utilization Indicators

✓ A few households that lacked money to buy their proffered food would still eat less preferred food to cope with the situation

✓ The risk of malnutrition for under-fives was below the long term average for this time of the year.