Kajiado County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for August 2021


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

✓ Dry and sunny weather conditions prevailed in August. The long rains had performed below the normal ranges.

✓ The vegetation cover reduced but still at normal band. Forage was poor in Central, North and parts of West and South and is likely to worsen in the next one month.

✓ Water situation was inadequate with strategic water points getting pressure from livestock, people and wildlife.

Production Indicators

✓ Cattle body condition was good to fair while shoats were good.

✓ Household daily milk production reduced and still below the long-term average due to diminishing pasture and increased trekking. Out migration in Rombo and Mbirikani, Kajido South.

✓ The yield for both maize and beans were below the normal range due to below normal performance of the long rains.

Access indicators

✓ The terms of trade declined though remains above the longterm average but expected to reduce further.

✓ Milk consumption declined due to low production. Return distance to water sources for both domestic and livestock use increased though still within normal but expected to worsen.

Utilization Indicators

✓ 29.3% and 1.5% households were consuming borderline and poor food consumption scores respectively.

✓ The risk of malnutrition for under-fives is on the increase though still below the normal range for this time of the year