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Japan provides US$347,810 for Sustainable Rural Road Maintenance Training Project using Do-nou Technology

Under the framework of the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO’s Projects, the Government of Japan provided US$347,810 to Community Road Empowerment(CORE).

The Grant Contract was signed on October 12th 2012 at the Embassy of Japan between H.E. Mr. Toshihisa TAKATA, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kenya, and Ms. Kazuha Matsumoto, Vice Representative of CORE, to implement the project for “Sustainable rural road maintenance using Do-nou technology by the community (Phase 2)”.

CORE has provided road maintenance trainings with “Do-nou” to a farmer’s group of more than 500 people in Uasin Gishu district from last year, and this project is the second phase of the 3-year overall project. With additional grant recipients from tea and coffee production cooperatives in Central Province, the NGO will continue with the “Do-nou” road maintenance training and provide support for skills’ development to enable the local communities maintain the road continuously even after completion of the project.

<Introduction of CORE’s activity and the detail of the project>

Many developing countries including Kenya are agricultural countries. There are lots of people suffering from poverty owing to insufficient agricultural infrastructure like rural roads. Generally, during rainy seasons, rural roads get muddy, blocking vehicles transporting farm products and preventing farmers from selling their good in the market, a situation that leads to poverty. Moreover, it affects a lot of people in many ways, like commuting to schools, taking patients to hospitals and commuting to offices in towns. A road that can be accessed throughout the year is a necessity. However, due to lack of budget for road maintenance by the government, rural roads in farming villages remain in bad condition.

CORE developed a road maintenance method using “Do-nou(soil bag)” which can be done with locally available materials and basic technique. The NGO performs road maintenance in more than ten countries by introducing the Japanese traditional concept of “Michibushin”, which places importance on continuous road maintenance by the prime beneficiaries themselves.

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