Isiolo District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, October 2009


Situation overview

- No rainfall was received in the two districts up to the 1st week of October and the condition remained severe in all livelihood zones.

- The quantity of forage diminished in the dry season grazing areas. The worst affected areas were Kipsing, Oldonyiro and Hawaye. The distances of access increased from 35km (September) to 38km (October 09) one way.

- Insecurity situation worsened from late September to October. Killings, animal raids and highway robbery have been a common scenario over the months (October 09) along Isiolo Garbatulla road. Tension is high after four people were shot dead as they were traveling along the same road.

- Severe water shortages were experienced in Longopito, Hawaye and Duma area after the only sources, sand dams and deep wells, dried up over the month. The distances of access in rangeland areas is about 20km for domestic and more than 38km for livestock use. The distance remained constant for settled sites that depend on borehole water.

- The average mortality rate (October 09) was 26% for cattle, 12% for sheep, 8.9% for Goat and 1.6% for camel. Mortalities increased by 12% (cattle), 3% (sheep) and 2% (goat) compared to last month (september09).Camel deaths was only recorded in Oldonyiro division.

- The nutritional status of children (based on MUAC<135mm measurement) showed a slight improvement compared to September. Average percentage of children rated at risk of malnutrition dropped to 28 % from 32 % in September. However, Sericho, Merti and Garbatulla divisions remained stressed, with high malnutrition rate of 46%, 39% and 30% respectively.