Isiolo District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, October 2007



- Few rainy days were recorded within the first week of October in central division. Accumulative figure of 25.3 mm was recorded. A slight shower was also reported in Kipsing and Oldonyiro while the rest of the district remained dry and at Alarm stage. Traditional forecasters predicts a below normal rainfall for this season.

- Pastures and forage continued to deplete further than last month except in central parts where rejuvenation was recorded due light showers.

- Livestock body condition in central division is on improving trend due the showers received; however livestock in the larger parts of the districts sustained a deteriorating Trend.

- Distances to Water and Grazing areas remained constant as last months being between 14 -18 km .This occurred in Eresaboru, Kinna, Sericho, and Merti.

- Unusual outward migration from Merti, Korbesa, and parts of Garbatulla occurred this month due to poor range conditions in this zones. Most of these herders are concentrated in Sericho and gubatu, being a better place on forage conditions due to floods from Waso River.

- Outward migration was also evident in Oldonyiro and Kipsing locations where herders moved to laikipia and along the waso Nyiro River, suggestive of an increased stress on range conditions.

- The food security situation continued to worsen more than last month.

- Cases of Lumpy skin diseases are still experienced in Boji, Bisan Biligo and Sericho. A camel death due to swollen glands was also reported in Boji among Matasara community.