Isiolo District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, May 2007

Situation Report
Originally published



- The food security situation is fair among all livelihood zones but deteriorating.

- The rain dependent crops wilted, while the irrigation dependent crops doing well in few areas of Kinna and parts of central.

- Livestock diseases outbreak occurred in the district

- Security problem occurred in Sericho and Oldonyiro divisions due to competition for available water and pasture and failure of the immigrant herders to respect the resource management rules followed by the locals.


- Investigation and interventions should be taken against the ongoing camel deaths, lumpy skin disease in Garbatulla and Anthrax cases in Kinna divisions.

- Leaders and local authorities should support the peace building initiatives undertaken by provincial administration in Sericho and Garbatulla division

- Peace building initiatives should also be strengthened in Oldonyiro division where two innocent people were shot dead.

- Isiolo county council should act faster to solve the looming boundary issues in Sericho division in Liaison with Garissa district. An urgent permanent solution is needed.

- Isiolo county council to enforce it by laws to avoid members of others district putting up trading centres, infrastructures as is happening in Sericho division. This will discourage possible disagreement between two communities.


1 Non - food interventions

(a) Health: - routine health activities is ongoing, malaria cases is on rise.

(b) Livestock:- investigation on camel deaths in ongoing, blood samples taken for investigation to Kabete tested negatives, more investigation is needed. (c) Agriculture: - Desilting of canals and building of gabions is ongoing in Garfasa. (d) Water:- water trucking in Dadachalafe of Merti division is ongoing. . Security has been restored in Fororsa pan of Sericho division.

2 Food interventions

EMOP distributed the following food aid for the month of May:- Corn meal - 16004 bags of 25kg Pulses - 1389 bags of 50 kg V/ oil - 1052 bags of 22.04Kg CSB - 1857 bags of 25kg