Isiolo County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for January 2017

Situation Report
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Biophysical Indicators

  • Rainfall: No rainfall received over the month of January 2017.The Oct-Nov-Dec 2016 rain which started in the 2nd Dekad did not progress to January 2017. OND rainfall failed in pastoral zone and depressed in Agro pastoral areas.
  • Vegetation condition: The current county average vegetation condition index (VCI 3 month) for January 2017 is 22. The VCI Isiolo North and Isiolo South is 22 and 23 respectively. The VCI values indicate severe vegetation deficit.
  • Water: Current water sources are Boreholes and Shallow well. These sources are yielding low volumes due to less recharge in the last Rainy season (Oct-Nov-Dec 2016).

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

  • Livestock body condition is in stressed phase (Level 3) in pastoral livelihood due to limited pasture and water.
  • Milk production declined due to depreciated body condition.
  • Short rain 2016 crop planted was 250 (ha) against 350. They were no production against the long term of 3000 (90kg bags).
  • Livestock disease outbreak persisted in sericho, Merti and Oldonyiro. These are Foot Mouth and Lumpy Skin.
  • Average MUAC measurement is 24%. The percentage of at Risk children increased by 4% compared to last month. MUAC measurement is high in Oldonyiro and Merti wards.
  • The county drought status is ALERT, Worsening.