Kenya + 2 more

IRCS provides humanitarian aids for Syria, Kenya and Zambia

Over 70 million cubic metros of water destroyed Saison village after breaking Saison dam in Ham province of Syria on 10 June 2002. The water killed 20 people, devastated 270 houses fully, as well as damaged 300 livelihoods, gardens and farmlands. The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) sent immediately a team to discuss the Syrian Arab Red Crescent concerning dispatching food and non-food aids to the affected area. At present, 105 relief tents donated by IRCS to shelter people who have returned to their village. More IRCS humanitarian aids will be dispatched to the region in the near future.
Additionally, based on damages caused by flood in Kenya on 1 June 2002, the IRCS donated 250 relief tents, 200 blankets, and 500 water gallons with a total value of USD 40,000 to people in need in flooded areas. Furthermore, the IRCS has dispatched a consignment to the famine-stricken people in Zambia. Relief items included 30,000 Kilogrammes of oil, flour, rice as well as various food cans with a total value of USD 15,000.