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International Justice Tribune No. 144 - February 1, 2012

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Shaping Kenya’s political landscape

ICC judges found last week there are grounds to believe prosecutors’ claims that a bloodthirsty ritual saw the leaders of Kenya’s Kalenjin tribe create a criminal network that swore to kill as many rival Kikuyu tribe members as possible. They also believe the country’s Deputy Prime Minister planned the Kikuyu’s revenge attacks.

Ouattara’s rampant justice

The exhumation of the first of at least 29 bodies buried in a grave in the Doukouré area of Yopougon in Abidjan district was coordinated by Ivorian state prosecutor Simplice Koffi. Yopougon was the last part of Abidjan to be held by pro-Gbagbo forces. Residents say the arrest of former president Laurent Gbagbo on 11 April triggered a wave of violence as angry pro-Gbagbo militants carried out house-to-house searches for northerners, foreigners and members of the Baoulé ethnic group.