Increasing Food Security in Kenya (2011)

We have launched new project in Central Kenya, in the district of Laikipia, which aims to increase knowledge and attractiveness of employment in the agricultural sector.

Kenya is classified as an emerging African nation, one of the fastest growing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, however, still struggling with problems typical of developing countries. Most of the rural population depends on agriculture and sale of produce.

Lack of education belongs to the key challenges. People in Peril main focus will be educating students of elementary and secondary schools in agricultural production. Thanks to their own production activities young Kenyans will be able to learn new techniques and improve nutrition in school canteens. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the project will improve their chances in to find employment.

The project will aim to:

- increasing knowledge of modern farming techniques by students and local communities;

- use school premises for establishing gardens and planting a greater variety of crops in the schools;

- construct facilities for rainwater collection during rainy season and irrigation system for droughts period;

- build greenhouses to grow vegetables;

- establish E-agriclubs, an Internet network for students to exchange their experiences gained during the project,

- establish forest nurseries and to plant trees - as a concrete action to celebrate the international year of forests 2011.

The project is implemented in collaboration with a Kenyan organization SEANET and supported by SlovakAid.