Ijara District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, March 2007


Situation Overview

- Dry and hot weather prevailed throughout the month in the entire district.

- The quality and quantity of browse and pasture had started to diminish as a result of the intense temperature forcing pastoralists to drive large satellite herds southwards and towards the dry season grazing areas within the Boni Forest.

- Medium and large water pans contained fair quantities of water hence there has been no much water stress in any of the divisions. However, quality of water remained extremely poor.

- The average livestock prices gradually picked up after the recent opening of the market although, the said livestock market has not fully recovered yet.

- The livestock body condition and health was rated fair for cattle but poor for shoats.

- Compared to last reporting period, the nutritional status of children aged below 5 years based on the MUAC measurement generally indicated some improvement in comparison with preceding month. The rate for those at risk was recorded at 19 %

- Suspected cases of Lumpy Skin Disease, Helminthiasis, pulpy kidney disease and CCPP were reported in parts of Hulugho, Sangailu and Ijara divisions.

- The availability of milk had increased virtually in all the divisions.

- Generally the drought situation in the entire district is at Alert stage and worsening