Hundreds flee their homes in Tana River after flood warning

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A warning of worse flooding by the Meteorological Department has seen hundred of families flee their homes in Tana River County.

Residents of Kone village and other parts of Galole and Tana Delta have started pitching camp on higher ground as the rains have begun.


They told the Nation that they had decided to move early to minimise the losses experiences last season, when tens of thousands were displaced.

"We do not want to go through what we went through last time. There are more than 300 of us in this camp, "said Toash Maro, a resident of Kone.

He added, however, that they left their property behind so they will still incur losses yet they had just started recovering.

"The floods came with pests that later destroyed our crops and affected our harvests. Here we are again with no houses and food. We seek government support in these difficult times," he said.

Florence Bungulu, from Mikinduni village, said more people have moved in fear but that they do not have tents so well-wishers and the government should help them.

"Most of us do not have basic needs. Women with children [are most affected], therefore we urge the government and non-governmental organisations to provide us with shelter," she said.


Woman Representative Rehema Hassan has visited parts of the county and asked the people to move before the rains become heavy.

Ms Rehema said the government should provide shelter through its plan for affordable housing so that they do not have to move back to flood-prone areas when the season ends.

She also called on humanitarian organisations and well-wishers to donate as many clothes as possible as it will be cold.

Days ago, Governor Dhadho Godhana warned that the administration will not support individuals who ignore the warning by the Met department.

Meanwhile, more than 40,000 people are still in camps, following the last season of heavy rains that left at least 10 dead.

In May, more than 1,000 people were displaced after dams in Tana River were submerged by floods, spilling water into the villages.

A month earlier, ome residents of Nanigi were trapped on trees and rooftops after their houses were flooded.