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Gudliye Farm Named as UN In Kenya Award Winner 2012

( Nairobi, 25 October, 2012) – As has been the tradition since 2002, the UN family for the 10th time honored Gudliye Farm with the UN in Kenya Award 2012, for its outstanding effort to eradicate food insecurity through embracing modern dryland farming as an alternative means of livelihood in Daadab, North Eastern Province, a predominantly dry area.

The farm is directly and slowly transforming the lives of hundreds of beneficiaries affected by Horn of Africa drought.

The Runners-up of the Award was Ms. Lydia Njuguna, a committed advocate aganst gross abuses on children living with disabilities. She was awarded the prize for her efforts to help poor, disabled and less priviliged children from a town known as Nanyuki, have access to an education and rehabilitation through a school she founded called Likii Special School for the Mentally Challenged.

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