Going Door-To-Door To Boost School Enrolment In Kenya

As community chief, a big part of Gabriel’s job is convincing parents to send their children to school.

A man on a mission

Gabriel only finished grade seven, so as a father it’s important to him that his children attend not just primary school, but secondary school and university too.

In his other role as community chief, a big part of his job is to increase enrolment at the local school. He goes from home to home talking about the benefits of education, and he knows that school meals have the power to convince parents to send their children, especially girls, to school.

With the recent drought, times are difficult in Gabriel’s community. However, parents are more willing to enrol their children in school when harvests are bad because of the availability of nutritious school meals.

The power of a simple school meal

The food that WFP and partners like Knorr provide makes Gabriel’s job a little easier. Without it, he might not be able to send all of his children to school.

With two daughters enrolled in secondary school and a son who is just finishing university at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Gabriel is extremely proud of his older children and grateful for the example they are setting for their younger siblings.

Letmus (pictured above) is Gabriel’s 12 year old son who likes to study English… “because it’s easy!” He loves football, and his teacher says he’s one of the brightest students in the school.

Nutritious food - within everyone's reach

Like Gabriel, we’re building brighter futures in Kenya. The World Food Programme is partnering with Knorr to give more children access to school meals.

Together, we’re working with smallholder farmers to bring home grown school meals to more schools in Kenya. When school meals are locally grown, it’s not only children who benefit – but entire communities.

Share a meal and double your impact today. When you share a meal, Knorr does too! Give today and your gift will be matched.