Garissa University Attack

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Garissa University located in Garissa Town in the North Eastern part of Kenya was attacked by terrorists at about 0500hours on 2nd April 2015. This attack was preceded by an explosion at the University entrance before the attackers moved into a nearby hostel taking the occupants hostage.

The Kenya security personnel responded, engaging the attackers. As at 1130hours according to the Garissa County Executive for Health there were 65 casualties with 6 being in critical condition. Majority of the casualties have gunshot wounds and some with cuts were received while trying to escape. As at 1045hours 50 hostages had been released.

Our Response

The Kenya Red Cross Response Team was on the ground soon after the attack working closely with other command structures within the Government. KRCS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has deployed ambulances and paramedics at the scene.

The Garissa County hospital had 120 units of safe blood available for transfusion with an initial projection need of 250 units will be required. KRCS Garissa team has conducted a mini blood donation at the Garissa Blood Transfusion Satellite Center.

KRCS has airlifted two (2) surgeons and two (2) anesthetists and surgical supplies to back up the resident surgeon in Garissa County hospital. The hospital has one theater and considerations have been made to convert other rooms to serve as operating rooms. The chartered plane will also be used to airlift critically injured cases. KRCS is also supporting with Psychosocial, Counselling and tracing services in Garissa and have standby teams in Nairobi.