Garissa District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, November 2009

Situation Report
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Situation overview

- The district recorded rainfall during the month with fair to poor distribution. The northwest divisions of Benane, Danyere and Mbalambala plus central division received very little rains. The divisions reported to have received good rainfall are Liboi, Dadaab, Shantabak, Jarajilla and southern part of Bura and Galmagalla.

- The quality and quantity of pasture and browse improved tremendously, with high regeneration/regrowth of forage realized, thus improving on the uptake for livestock and consequently reducing the trekking distances.

- The main water sources available to the pastoralists in the district were boreholes, River Tana, Benane springs, earth pans and water pans. Water was available to livestock, with most earth pans and water pans collecting substantial amount of water thus reducing congestions at water points.

- Water accessibility for households relatively improved when compared to the preceding month. The distances covered by pastoralists reduced with an estimated average distances of less than 10 km covered.

- Livestock accessibility to water increased considerably when compared with the preceding month. The distances covered were within the livestock grazing point hence less than a kilometre.

- No cases of conflict/human displacement / insecurity were reported in the course of the month under review. There was no livestock migration reported during the month.

- The body condition of livestock improved with the availability of water and pasture/browse. This has an impact on production and sales of livestock in the short run.

- There were reported cases of diseases ranging from lumpy skin diseases, contagious caprine pleura pneumonia and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. The diseases were confirmed by the Veterinary Department and vaccination of the same was carried out across the district.

- Milk productions in the entire district increased compared with the preceding month. The positive indication is related to improved livestock body condition coupled with a few birth realized by different livestock species.

- Cattle prices increased when compared with preceding month. The increase has been attributed to pasture and water availability and accessibility which improved the body condition. Cattle traded at Ksh7,708 compared to Ksh6, 400 in October. The prices of goats reflect an increase when compared with the preceding month at Ksh1284 compared to Ksh1200 in October. Sheep prices continued to show an increase in trend due to availability of pasture and water. Sheep traded at Ksh900 , up from Ksh767 in October.

- The nutrition status of children below five years improved tremendously compared with the preceding month and falls within the long term mean. The percentage of those at risk of malnutrition in the district was 12.3% compared to 13.6% in October.