Garissa County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for October 2021

Situation Report
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Biophysical Indicators
 The onset of the short rains was delayed and the county received an average of 5.8mm of rainfall in the month of October 2021
 The 3-month VCI was 32.7 indicating moderate vegetation deficits and was below the long term average for the period.
 The condition of pastures and browse is poor and depleted across the entire County, a situation attributed to two successive failed rain seasons. Due to the heavy concentration of livestock in the drought grazing reserves, the pasture has been depleted and this has led to further migration of livestock to different areas that are prone to conflict and insecurity
 Both household and livestock trekking distances to water sources increased and were above the long term average.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)
 Livestock body conditions continue to deteriorate across all species due to non- availability of standing browse and pasture. Most cattle are in very poor body condition and some are recumbent require support to stand. Sheep, goats and camels as well has very poor body conditions in most parts of the county.
 Average milk production was 1.45 litres against the long term average of 2.1 litres.
 Milk consumption was an average of 1.1 litres which was below the long term average amount of 1.74 litres.
 Market prices for all livestock species was below the normal ranges due to depressed markets and very poor body condition.
 The terms of trade were 29 which was below the long term average of 45
 The mean coping strategy index (CSI) was 10.65 for the month against a long term average of 11.2  Proportion of children below five years at risk of malnutrition was 13 percent.
 The mean food consumption score was 37.1 which was below the long term average of 39.4