Garissa County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for October 2020


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

  • The short rains season started on the 3rd dekad of October, the onset was normal but depressed with a temporal distribution of only 2 days was experienced in some sections of the county. The spatial distributed was un even across the county, few areas reported rainfall and the average amount recorded was 10mm of rain during the month

  • The average vegetation condition index for month was 58.38. with a declining trend as compared to the previous month. similarly, when compared to the long-term average, the current vegetation condition index is way above the long term average. However, the current vegetation condition index is below the maximum value ever recorded at this particular time of the year.

  • Pasture condition was generally poor to fair across the livelihood zones while browse condition was fair to poor in the county.

  • Both household distances and livestock trekking distances to water sources increased and are above the long term average.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

  • Livestock body condition of all species was generally fair with isolated cases of small stock and lactating herds at poor body condition in all the livelihood zones.

  • Household milk production per day for the month under review was 1.9litre/household/day in all the livelihood zones and relatively reduced as compared to the previous.

  • Market prices for all livestock species reduced.

  • The terms of trade were 46.4 kilograms of maize upon sale of a goat and reduced as compared to the previous month

  • The mean coping strategy index (CSI) was 13.2 for the month

  • Proportion of sampled children below five years at risk of malnutrition was 13.3