Garissa County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for December 2021


Biophysical Indicators

  • Onset of the rains was in the 3rd dekad of November which was late as compared to normal .In the month of December an average of 42 mm of rainfall was received against a long term average 50mm.

  • The distribution was poor in terms of time and space, the northern parts of the county remained dry during the month.

  • The 3-monthVCI of 17.45 was in severe vegetation deficit conditions and reduced as compared to the previous month

  • Lagdera sub county was in the extreme vegetation deficit category with a score of 9.09

  • The condition of pasture and browse slightly improved in the southern and south-eastern parts of the county and remained depleted in northern parts ( Balambala and Lagdera subcounties), pasture and browse remain below the seasonal levels due to poor performance of the short rains season so far

  • Livestock trekking distances to water sources reduced but was above the long term average.

  • Household trekking distances reduced and were below the long term average for the month

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

  • Livestock body conditions slightly improved for all species due to regeneration of pasture and browse. Cattle are in very poor to poor body condition Sheep, goats and camels as well have poor to fair body conditions in most parts of the county

  • Average milk production per household per day was 1.45 litres, which remained the same as compared to previous month but was below by 21 percent the same period of a bad years.

  • The average milk consumption improve but was below the long term average by 30 percent.

  • Market prices for all livestock species was below the normal ranges due to depressed markets and very poor body condition.

  • The terms of trade were 27.6 which was below the long term average of 33.6

  • The mean coping strategy index (CSI) was 12.4 for the month against a long term average of 11.2

  • Proportion of children below five years at risk of malnutrition was 13.4 percent which was above the long term mean by 308 percent.

  • The mean food consumption score was28 which was below the long term average of 39.4